Flu Virus Hits Ireland

Despite the mild weather, Influenza has arrived in Ireland. The Health Protection Surveillance Agency (HPSC) have reported a sharp increase in flu like illness among their sentinel GP practices. This experience would match what we have experienced here at Kilmacud Medical Centre over the past few weeks.

Although we have delivered hundreds of flu vaccines out to our patients over the past six months, there are still individuals who are at risk and have not received the vaccine. As well as the well known “at risk” groups such as those with

  • Asthma or Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Chronic Kidney, liver or neurological disease
  • Immunosuppression due being on medications or due to immune deficiency

The vaccine is also recommended for all patients over 65, babies under 2 years of age, pregnant mothers and those who are overweight (BMI of greater than 40).

If you think you fall into any of these groups, please get in contact with the surgery to arrange a flu vaccination as soon as possible.

Medical Centre Features in Cancer Launch

The Kilmacud Medical Centre and Dr. Brian Meade recently featured in the launch of the National Cancer Control Programme electronic messaging system. A video accompanying the launch was partly filmed here and both RTE and TV3 came to record interviews on the new electronic referral system. View the NCCP video on electronic cancer referrals by clicking here.