Electronic Script Transfer

We can now send your prescription directly to your pharmcy. Please ask when phoning for a repeat script or when in with your GP.

This has been developed as a measure to reduce the number of visits to pharmacies and GPs during the Covid 19 pandemic and uses a secure e-mail system called Healthmail. We expect this service to continue even after the pandemic until a full national e-prescribing service has been developed.

Covid 19 back to work letters

We have had a number of our patients telling us that their employer is seeking a letter from us to say they are safe to return to work following the Covid 19 pandemic.

While we are happy to provide you or your employer with a letter stating the nature of your medical condition (with your written consent), what we can not do, is indemnify your employer against Covid 19 by implying that you are not at risk of contracting Covid 19.

For as long as this pandemic continues, all of us will be at some risk. The level of this risk can only be assessed by an Occupational Health Physician who can assess your workplace and your medical conditon and provide your employer with a report detailing the level of risk and any additional precautions over and above the usual ones which may be required in your case.

Please advise your employer to contact their Occupational Health advisors if they require assurances about your safe return to work. If you would like to discuss your condition with us in relation to Covid 19 please make an appointment to see us.