Covid 19

Symptoms of Covid 19 infection include, a sudden onset cough, fever, breathing difficulty or loss of taste or smell. If you develop any of these symptoms please contact our surgery for advice. You may be referred for a Covid 19 swab, referred to one of the HSE Covid 19 hubs or seen at our surgery.

If you are referred for the test, you will need to self isolate while awaiting the result.
For information on how to self isolate, please click here´╗┐

The result of your Covid 19 test will usually be texted to your mobile phone within three days. If you have not received your test result within this time frame, please fill out the missing test result online form which you can access by clicking here.

If the result of you Covid 19 test is positive, you will be contacted by a public health specialist who will be seeking details of all the people you were in contact with over the previous 14 days. If you are using the Covid tracker App on your phone this job will be a lot easier.
To download the Covid tracker App, please click here ´╗┐