Have you had your Cervical Smear?

If you are between 25 and 60 and have not had a cervical smear you can get one done for free under the HSE CervNatural Beautyical Check programme. The test is very simple and can help diagnose early cervical cancer. To register for a cervical smear, just login in to the cervical check website and provide your details including your PPS number. If you haven’t time to do this we will be happy to register for you once you provide us with your PPS number.

To get the smear done just make an appointment with us telling the receptionist it is for a cervical smear. Alternatively request an appointment using the link from this web site.

Results of smear tests are available within 4 weeks. You will contacted either by our practice or the cervical check programme.

To find out more about cervical check and cervical smears click the link to this video.