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Services at KMC
At Kilmacud Medical Centre Stillorgan, we offer a wide range of services to our patients. Below is a list of some of these. If you wish to book for any of these services please let us know at the time of booking as some of these will take longer than the usual 15 minute appointment slot.

Childhood ImmunisationWe provide a full range of childhood immunisations as well as cervical cancer vaccine for younger women
Family PlanningThis is an important area for any couple and we are happy to discuss all the various methods with you. Dr Dawson provides Mirena coil insertion and Implanon insertion for those suitable.
Ambulatory Blood Pressure MonitoringAs many as 20% of people thought to have high blood pressure, have normal readings once they leave the doctors surgery. This syndrome is called “white coat hypertension” and is due to the anxiety associated with having your blood pressure taken. Wearing a BP monitor for 24 hours can easily establish the true picture. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring will also help determine the degree of risk your blood pressure is causing and help decide whether or not you need drug therapy.
CryotherapyCryotherapy is a well established method of removing a variety of unwanted skin lesions including warts. It involves the use of liquid nitrogen which when applied to certain skin lesions “freezes” them off. Cryotherapy is carried out by our practice nurse.
Cervical SmearThis a quick and simple test which could detect early cancer of the cervix. Cervical smear tests are now free to women between 25 and 60 under the National Cervical Screening Programme. Please let reception know that your appointment is for a smear test. If you wish a female doctor will be available to carry out the test.
Pre-Employment MedicalWe offer a comprehensive pre-employment medical service tailored to the needs of the employer. Audiology is also done on site if required.
Ante-Natal CareWe provide combined ante-natal care free of charge under the mother and child scheme. Once registered and approved by the scheme, your ante natal visits will be free of charge
Cardiovascular Health Check UpThis health check is aimed at those who want to assess their risk of Heart Attack and Stroke. The assessment includes full history, clinical examination, blood tests, ECG and computerised risk assessment. We will then help you to lower your risk of Cardiovascular Disease.
Well Man ReviewWell Man Appointments are for men who wish to get checked for Prostate Cancer or who wish to discuss Erectile Dysfunction, Androgen Deficiency or other male related problems.
Pulmonary Function TestingOur practice nurse is trained to perform pulmonary function tests which can be used to diagnose Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Pulmonaray Fibrosis..
Joint InjectionsWe offer a range of joint injections for those with acute and chronic soft tissue and arthritic problems. Please discuss with one of the Doctors for further details.
Chronic Disease Management ProgrammeWe are very happy to participate in this HSE programme for managing chronic disease in primary care for those with medical cards