All fees are payable at the time of the visit. Payment can be made by credit card, laser, cheque or cash. Medical card discounts will require a valid medical card to be presented.

Fees at Kilmacud Medical Centre from September 1st 2023

Item of ServiceFee
Basic Consultation (15 mins)€70
Consultation with blood tests€95
Extended Consultation (over 15 mins)€80
Home Visit€100
Nurse Consultation€45
Repeat Prescription €20
Blood tests requested by GP€35
Blood tests requested by consultant or clinic€50
Ambulatory BP Monitor€90
Drivers Medical
Medical Card holders
Coil Insertion (Mirena, Kyleena & Jaydess). Includes 3 visits€260
Implanon 1st consultation€65
Implanon insertion (cost of device not included)€100
Implanon removal€130
All coils removal€65
Full Health Screen€110
Minor Surgery€150 (depending on complexity)
Joint Injection€95
Vaccine Administration€45
Form Completion€20 (depending on complexity)