Flu Vaccine Now Available

The 2018/19 influenza vaccine is now available from Kilmacud Medical Centre. If you are over 65 or suffer from any chronic illness you should consider getting the vaccine. The vaccines is free if you have a medical card.

Another “at risk” group who should have the flu vaccine are pregnant women.¬†Pregnant women are more likely to get complications due to changes in their heart and lung function. They are also more likely to be admitted to hospital and the Intensive Care Unit.

Getting flu in pregnancy may also lead to premature birth, lower birth weight and even stillbirth. There is evidence that the vaccine reduces the rate of stillbirth by over 50%. Infants under the age of 6 months have the highest rate of hospitalisation and death from influenza.

The vaccine itself does not contain any active virus and so contrary to popular myth it is not possible to contract influenza infection from the vaccine.If you are registered with the practice just phone us on 01-2881550 for an appointment to have the vaccine. .