Flu Vaccine Clinic Information

Kilmacud Medical Centre – Flu Vaccine Information Leaflet

Thank you for attending for your flu vaccination today. The vaccine is a quadrivalent vaccine which protects against four influenza virus strains. It is safe and effective and does not cause the flu.

Side effects are rare but include redness and swelling around the injection site, headache, muscle aches and pains. These usually resolve within 24 hours and do not require any treatment.

In order to deal with increased demand this year and to comply with Covid 19 social distancing regulations, we have set up special vaccine clinics. For these clinics to work efficiently, we ask your co-operation as follows

>Tell us if you are unwell or have a fever in which case you should not receive the vaccine

>Wear a mask during your visit to the surgery

>Sign the claim form before your vaccine

>Have your upper arm exposed and ready to receive the vaccine so that when the GP or nurse enters the room you are ready to receive the vaccine

>Leave the building after the vaccine but wait in your car for 15 minutes after the vaccine. If you feel unwell during this time please come back in and inform the receptionist you feel unwell

This visit is strictly for flu vaccine only and we are unable to deal with any other issues during this visit otherwise the clinics will not function.

Thank you for your co-operation