GP Web Consultations Available

In order to manage the Covid 19 outbreak we have introduced online GP consultations for our patients. These are particularly useful if you are suffering from possible Covid 19 symptoms and we may offer you this option when you phone for advice rather than a phone consultation.

The process is very simple. When you agree to a web consultation with one of the GPs you will be sent a link for the online service to your phone or e-mail. You will then download an app which connects you to the server. At the given appointment time, click on the connect button and one of the GPs from here should appear on your screen.

Make sure you are in a safe and quiet area where you can talk privately about your symptoms. Remember that online GP consultations are limited as we can not examine you but in the current crisis they should help to keep everyone safer.

If you have a non Covid 19 problem and wish to use the online facility, phone the practice for advice and we may be able to facilitate this.